Rain is ugly.

Posted: December 23, 2008 in K-Pop Madness
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And all I have to say is:

Are you people out of your fucking minds? What…do you have onions in your eyes or something?!

According to THE GREATEST SITE EVER on a future episode of “Everyone, Shin Hae Chul Special Edition”, Rain will talk about how he was rejected EIGHTEEN TIMES when he auditioned for groups and whatnot. Apparently, the people holding the audition liked his singing and his dancing but not his sexy, beautiful, gorgeous… face. Of course his “uglyness” was related to his adorably, shrimp-sized eyes.

This bothered Rain (as it would anyone) so much so that he would practice holding his eyes wide open…. JYP was the only one that gave the guy a break (though now he’s pissed because Rain dumped his ass and decided to talk shit on Rain a couple months ago. **note to self: add JYP to your shit list**)

Well look at him now, bitches. He STILL HASN’T and NEVER WILL have surgery on his eyes. Quit hating on the guy because even though he looks like he’s always asleep he can serve your ass in DDR.

I love his butt in this video.

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