WTF? Did I actually think Ramen was healthy?

Posted: December 22, 2008 in About Me.
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I must really have been off my rocker.

Lately, as in within the past month or so, I’ve been eating alot of Ramen. And considering that I am indeed a college student, I’m sure you aren’t surprised.

My favorite flavor is the kimchi one that I usually get from the fruit stands and whatnot…and if that’s not hot enough, I also buy the jarred kimchi and put that in there too. I’m so addicted to kimchi now, its very sad. (Training my mouth for when I go to Korea.)

Anyway, I realized I’d been eating it alot so I decided to do my research and this is what I found, it’s:

  1. High in sodium
  2. High in cholesterol and fats
  3. The manufacturing process

And now that I think about it, the little packet that you get with the noodles is nothing but pure salt! I know I’m not the only who in the early stages of ramen (like when you FIRST made ramen when you were younger) tapped a bit of the seasoning into your hand and tasted it. Apparently, I’ve read that you should actually only use HALF of the pack of salt, also, a healthy amount of the ramen to eat should only be half a package.

Half a pack of ramen? Anyone who has honestly eaten only half a package, please let me know; I’ll fly you to New York and give you the pat on the back you so deserve.

*info credits go here and here.

  1. sweet girl says:

    stop talking about korean food in a bad way >.<

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