The DBSK boys will never get girlfriends.

Posted: December 19, 2008 in I swear I'm not a pervert but...., K-Pop Madness
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Now before I’m gutted and killed just hear me out….

Doesn’t anyone feel a little inferior (girls and guys) just looking at them? I mean, how many other Kpop groups are there out there where you can say, 100% of the group is a 10/10? Also, 10/10 at singing. 10/10 at dancing. Who else? No one.

Now please, do not confuse me with those looney bin… a Cassiopeia. I (SERIOUSLY.) listened to DBSK for the first time when their “Wrong Number” came out. And I can honestly says I only like 4 of their songs (so far).

I read somewhere all the members were talking about what kind of girls they like, but I’m like, “What girl would talk to you guys?!” These are the type of boys that have wind blowing through their hair when their is no wind. These are the kind of boys that when they walk, people part like the red sea. These are the type of boys that you have a hard time trying to pick which one’s your favorite cause they all are that damn sexy….

And when I saw these photos from THE GREATEST SITE EVER, I just felt this feeling even more than ever.

  1. Changmin needs to be a proffessional model.
  2. Mickey should always show his sexy neck and Adam’s apple.
  3. Yunho has the prettiest eye/eyebrow combination.
  4. Xiah and his equally hot brother need to come to my house for some midnight fun.
  5. And Jaejoong…I’m not sure what he is… Man or greek statue?

Anyway, check out DBSK looking too hot to ever have girlfriends for “Singles Magazine” January issue. The theme is them being “real”…uh, yeah right. They are everything but human. I can’t imagine them being anything but young and sexy forever.

What do YOU think about DBSK? Favorite member…..?

  1. Lisa says:

    I did die a million times when I say Yunhos SINGLE MAG pics, he so hot, when I get the magazine there will be just drool all over it!! hehe
    I agree on you when u say I can’t imagine them being anything but young and sexy forever. I really cant picture it!

  2. dpmar says:

    If they do get girlfriends someday, their fans would probably make them commit suicide (have you seen that: 😀

    I agree, they don’t seem to look ugly in any angle, and that’s scary… Korean people are definetly the prettiest 😛

  3. jos says:

    hotties!!!!!!! damn!

  4. henry says:

    LOL… wtf. … this is under your category called “swear I’m not a pervert but” …

    so lame…

    dbsk won’t have girlfriends until they are like 40 …
    or they could secretly have a gf….. forever…

  5. well, i think i go for micky! he’s so damn hoooooot. as in like supernova. but then, i say, they’re (i mean all of them)entirely awesome!

  6. Ainea says:

    I totally agree. Even if they were regular people walking down the street… hell, if they looked like that, I still wouldn’t know what to do with myself! Their only chance of finding a real girlfriend is finding a girl who doesn’t know who they are and loves them for them… and in that case…
    They’re screwed. -__-

  7. sweet girl says:

    i really love them all but i think that they are like other human they are not angels ofcoures they will have a girl friend and then get married cuz they still human even if they are very handsomes ^-^

  8. sunny says:

    You all are right in your comments. I am 38 years old and I feel like a teenager again when i look them! OMG what a sexy faces, bodies and voices!!!

  9. iwillfuckyou says:

    LOL you are OBVIOUSLY DBSK freak fans.
    You fucked almost ALL Kpop artists and idols, while you worshipping your shitdamn idol,
    which I DONT EVEN THINK they are THAT worth to be worshiped or even, a noticed?
    And WHAT??? They’re HOT? They looked YOUNG? ARe you crazy? Blind? OR BRAINLESS?
    LMAO Go fuck your idol before fucking other idols!

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