“Pretty Girls” KARA…they got me!!!

Posted: December 19, 2008 in K-Pop Madness
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Damn you KARA…damn you to the depths of hell!!!

Tell me why all of a sudden after catching up on this weeks episode of ‘The Hill’s’ I had the urge to listen to that blasted song…. I listened and now the damn thing is a chip on my shoulder!! It’s TOO catchy…I actually have the urge to sing the grammatically incorrect lines over and over, “If you wanna pretty…! Every wanna pretty…!”

However I AM a bit concerned about their look…I think their producer/manager knows they all look the same or else he wouldn’t have assigned them certain looks. Like the girl on the far right always wears an idiotic, furry, G-dragon-like a hat, and there of course is the short haired one, then one that always wears her hair long and the one that always wears some kind of little pig-tail with her hair out…I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too far into it??

Is it just me or does one of them look like Lee Hyori?? Of course I can’t tell which one it is because 2 of them in that pic kind of look like her…. Anyway, for anyone who’s also been sucked in, here is the vid….

KARA!! Stop winking at me!! It’s too cute…I can’t take it!! I might actually start to like a girl group!!! (ehhh….perish the thought!!)

*picture courtesy of THE GREATEST SITE EVER

  1. […] is very surprising…. I think I seriously must’ve been on crack the last time I posted about KARA, because that song “Pretty Girl” deserves to burn in the very pits of […]

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