First Shop of Coffee Prince

Posted: December 19, 2008 in K-Drama Reviews Rants and Raves, K-Pop Madness
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I’m sure most people will call me EXTREMELY late for now watching this drama but I will tell those people to shut up because I haven’t had internet at my house for a long time and just got it back in September…. Now we all know how addicting dramas are–I had to wait till I had the TIME to watch a drama nonstop before I could start one. Last one I watched was in June which was, “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” aka the Greatest Drama EVER!!!

I had watch the first 20 minutes of this drama a few months ago and for some reason it never caught me (even though I have a HUGE crush on Gong Yoo–who doesn’t?!)…. So now I’m watching it again. I was off school today and watched the first 5 episodes and think that it is a pretty good drama…I’m psyched for the Gong Yoo/Yoon Eun Hye physical interactions….

And correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t that guy (the Japanese/Korean one) from that new gay movies with the bakers and cakes and stuff??

Isn’t Gong Yoo’s smile the cutest?? What a hottie… Also, his cousin/crush’s boyfriend, there is something pretty sexy about him too…. Damn I’ll have to tag yet another post under ‘Hot Korean Ass’.coffeeprince_20081218

Out of your top 5 favorite Korean dramas, is Coffee Prince on the list???

  1. dpmar says:

    Hi, thanks for your comments, I’ll surely be checking your blog as I write in mine, let’s be blog buddies 🙂

    I understand you, dramas are soo addicting, but there’s so little time to watch them. It took me 1 year (I’m serious) to finish Coffee Prince, I downloaded like 1 or 2 episodes per month 😛

    I haven’t watched Kim Sam Soon, but the ratings for the drama were SCARY! Is it really that good?

  2. […] House.” I stopped watching “One Fine Day” because it was hard to watch and even “Coffee Prince” was hard at […]

  3. tun teja says:

    he really is..if you are talking about antique bakery

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