Please Lord…NO MORE “Nobody”!!

Posted: December 16, 2008 in K-Pop Madness, My Shit List.
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I can’t take is anymore…I really can’t.

At this point I think that anyone who likes this song is either mad or tone-deaf. I must be listening to the Wondergirls sing “Nobody” while everyone must be listening to something else.

Can you really listen to–Sohee especially–them and be content? I understand its not suppose to be a vocally challenging song, just a catchy one but this is no excuse! This song has only been out like 2.5 months and I’m already almost to the point of suicide. And I’m tired of all the freaking different versions of that blasted song. Even on the track listing for their albums, 4 of the songs are different version of the¬†damned song.

And they’re everywhere…please don’t do it to me anymore!!

  1. fey says:

    then dont listen to it… cuz they not forcing u to listen anyway!!!!!

  2. zeTty says:

    i can still stand the song without sohee parts.
    she needs more vocal training though
    nobody is 2008.
    lets start 2009 with other new + fresh songs~~

  3. unknown says:

    wow like are you physically and mentally disabled ?
    can you not make your own decisions with your own brain ?
    like not to be rude which i know i am … but you know that you have a choice. You can turn off the radio, change the channel, not search for different version of nobody, not listen to their CD i find it funny that your complaining… just my opinion

  4. izzati says:


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